May 2, 2023 8:06 am

Zuckerberg Highlights Meta’s Future

Zuckerberg Highlights Meta’s Future

In quarterly earnings call, Meta CEO shares plans to slow the pace of some investments, and discussed progress with Reels and the metaverse.

“Zuckerberg spent $400 million in the last election…in support of Democrats!” Musk TORCHES Meta

Elon Musk sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for an exclusive interview to discuss artificial intelligence, Musk’s Twitter acquisition, and many more topics. In particular, Elon Musk went after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for his blatant partisan activism in the last election.

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Gaming in the Metaverse! Zuckerberg reveals its future

At Facebook Connect, CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals what gaming will look like in the future and some current games for the Oculus Quest.

Mark Zuckerberg On The Future Of Meta Virtual Reality | JRE Uncut

Captured by JRE Uncut channel.

Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg discuss the future benefits of Meta Virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg is the Chief Executive of the Meta Platform Inc., the company behind Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other digital platforms and services. JRE podcast is taken from podcast #1863.

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Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes

At Facebook Connect, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new company name, Meta, plus new VR and AR technologies the company is developing for the future.

0:00 – Meta name change
0:37 – The Metaverse
2:23 – Privacy and Safety
3:11 – Horizon Home
4:09 – Work in the Metaverse
6:06 – Developer Services/Fees
6:56 – Presence Platform
7:49 – Project Cambria
9:42 – Nazare Glasses

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